Thursday, November 15, 2012

God bless you all

Sorry that I have been unable to write on the blog since beginning my travel. 

 I was able to make a wonderful 15 day retreat at Christ in the Desert Abbey in Abiquiu, New Mexico. God bless Abbot Philip and all the brothers there for their love and kindness. There will be more on this when I return to The Gambia in January

In case you didn't know,  I fell in The Gambia, just before I beginning my travels. My Orthopedic Doctor in New Mexico informed me that I had torn and displaced the rotator cuff in my right shoulder. OUCH!!!!   Dr. Weiner scheduled the surgical repair but unfortunately I could not have it done the week that was planned as my brother in law passed away and I wanted to be with my sister and her wonderful family in MA. 

Bob Shrigley was wonderful and changed all the previous ticket arrangements he had made for me.

Now  I will be having the rotator cuff repair surgery done in Falmouth, MA on December 3, 2012. Thank God my sister strongly advised me into having the surgery done before heading back to The Gambia. She has always been so much more sensible than I.

I will be back on line shortly after the surgery...please pray for the surgeon and a quick healing.

Please Please Please !!
I desperately need your help for purchasing medicines and medical supplies while I am here in Massachusetts  in order to send them back to The Gambia to help the sick poor.

Please note!!! 

Since Bob Shrigley is relocating from New Mexico to Louisiana in a few weeks, He will not be able to help me with donations for a while. In the meantime my very dear sister, Peggy McDermott, will be receiving all donations for me. ( Thank's Peggy!! )

You may send any donations to:

Brother dismas
c/o Peggy McDermott
17 Bryant Lane
Northborough, MA  01532

God bless you.

My love and prayers

Br. dismas M