Blue Hermit Rustic Rosary's


Serving the sick is a real joy for me however it means that I must beg for your help with medicines/medical supplies since the folks who come for help to Nazareth are treated free of charge and there is no charge for medicines.

One way I try to supplement finances is by making cord rosaries and offering them for sale. They are real sturdy and have a great feel to them. I have been using my own beads which I made and they have lasted 7 years with no problems. These rosary's are very sturdy.

These Rosaries, like all 5 decade rosaries, may also be used to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet.

Above you can view some of the beads that are made. All beads are wood and the cord is sturdy synthetic twine. In 5 years of making these beads, there have never been any complaints from buyers.
The wooden beads are 10 mm beads and very convenient for everyone especially for the bedridden and folks with arthritis.

Please e-mail me for other types of devotional chaplets you might wish to order; let me know if you have a special request.

If you would like to place an order just send me an e-mail and I will answer you the same day (if the network is functioning and there is petrol in the generator since the hermitage has no electricity).
Bead colors presently in stock are brown, black, antique white, ivory, blue and green.

I also make first communion rosaries for children in white and brown using 6 or 8mm beads which are smaller. In the last two years the Hermitage has donated many of these beads to some of the little ones in The Gambia who were making their first communion and I would like to continue doing this but need your support to be able to replenish the beads and cord.

The crosses for the rosaries vary from plain wooden to simple metal. Whatever is in stock will be put on your rosary. I will let you know beforehand what is available.

The price for all adult rosaries is $23.00 which includes mailing.

Since they are mailed from the Gambia it can take from two weeks to a month to receive your order. I know that is a lot slower than most other shops that sell rosaries but there is no other way to send them out unless someone happens to be traveling to the US from here. Then I can send them along with the traveler and your waiting time would be shorter. If the beads seem to be expensive please consider that they are hand knotted by myself and all proceeds are used for the sick poor. One exception is when I must use some of the proceeds to restock rosary making supplies.

Your purchase of these beads would be such a great help in this work that the Lord has blessed me with.

If you would like to order a rosary or several just drop me an e-mail:

and I will send you the ordering information. Your purchase of these rosary beads also makes you a helper in this work of caring for the sick.

PLEASE-----If you do not want to purchase a rosary but care to send medicines, supplies or a donation just let me know via e-mail.

God bless you

Brother dismas Mary
Nazareth Hermitage
Catholic Mission
PO Box 165
Banjul, The Gambia
West Africa