Consecration of Brother dismas Mary as a Hermit and His Final (perpetual) Profession (December 2010)

Waiting for the Bishop to  call me forward

What do you seek?

Bishop Ellison beginning the Consecration

While the Bishop is explaining the ceremony to the congregation

The Bishop asks if I am prepared to make this life commitment ?


With My hand on the Scriptures I profess my perpetual vows to the community

I Sign my Vows as the Bishop witnesses and then signs

Now the clothing ceremony. The blessing of the Habit and Mantle

Receive this Scapular and Hood
Scapular and hood adjusted
Blessing of the Tau Cross

Receiving the Cross

Receiving the Mantle

Congratulations from The Bishop

Kiss of Peace from my Spiritual Directer, Father Tony Sonko

A brief pause before going to my pew

I am in awe

Private prayer-----Remembering my family, friends, benefactors and enemies

Brother Dismas Mary of the Cross, Hermit of Divine Mercy

Guests included the US Ambassador to the Gambia, Ambassador Barry Wells

and guests including the Religious in the diocese; Presentation of Mary Sisters, Missionary Sisters of Charity, Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy, In the rear is Alhaji N'jie, Janis Carter, Lamin N'Dure, Edi Jarju, Driss Bensouda and other good friends.

 Thank God for all who came to witness this celebration; Catholics, Protestants, and Muslims. 

    "How good it is when Brothers dwell together in unity"