Monday, March 30, 2015

Brother dismas

is begging for the people he ministers to.
Having to ask for help is very difficult for me because I so proud. I must ask for your help again. We are in great need for bandaging material, blood pressure cuff and stethoscopes.  The things we use most have lasted for nearly ten years and they need replacing.
I sure would like to be able to care for the wounded once we receive help. AND I also need more help in order to buy medicines. There are a lot of folks coming for help and some I have to turn away because of materials and/or medicines.
For instance; one young man came 4 weeks ago and wanted help for snake bite.  Seems he was out hunting for rabbit or that type of animal. He decided to go right up to a small hole and decided to reach into the hole. He disturbed a cobra in the hole and was bitten. He went to the major hospital in the capital and they performed some surgery on his arm. He decided to come to Nazareth and see if we could help him. It was a real job to get him fixed up. Today he came  have us change his dressings. I was so amazed...His wounds were all drying up, the holes in his arm were closing and there is no sign of infection. Thank God!  He would not have been able to get the same treatment at any private clinic as he is a "poor man".
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Won't you please help us?
Some of the items we need are now being sold here in Gambia but Nazareth hermitage does not have enough money.
If you would like to send a financial donations, please e-mail me and I will send you the information that same day. If you want to send material goods you may still keep sending them to the address in the blog.
God bless you for your kindness,

bro. dismas Mary

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