Monday, January 18, 2016

Blessed are the merciful for they shall recieve mercy

Dear friends,
There have been so many interruptions trying to keep this Blog going during the past year but just a few days ago, three donors have given Nazareth Hermitage an iPad and that will make this work a lot simpler.

I want to send this letter out in case any readers might want to assist in the work going on here at Nazareth Hermitage. Please read and then do what the Lord tells you to do!

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Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy!  

Being called to serve Our Lord Jesus Christ by serving the sick poor in The Gambia is such a blessed gift to me. The folks we care for are so happy that we can help. Most poor people have no options. If they or one of their family become ill and they don't have money to get any help they just don't get help. I often see folks here waiting around large delivery trucks hauling rice. When rice falls out of the bags the old women pick up each piece off the street until they have a little amount to cook for their meal. These are the forgotten people. When newscasters report that 500 villagers were killed somewhere, no one blinks an eye and yet if the president's wife wears a new marigold colored dress it is a major news event. "Where has all the mercy gone, long time passing"........ When a mother brings a child to the hermitage who has been severely burned, we can see the desperation in her eyes. After examining the child we have to tell her that her child needs more care than we can offer and that she should go to the big hospital in the capital city.  Because she has no money she cannot take a bush taxi to the hospital and even if she did she still has no money for medicines. The mother wraps her child up puts her on her back and heads back to her home. We just can't let her go so we call her back and explain that we can give the child medicine and do our best with the burned area. That is her only hope and then the Merciful Lord begins his healing power. The Lord never fails.
In November I became ill and I would lose my balance and fall on my head or other selective part. One of my falls was right into the wet compost heap. It was a lesson to me comparing Job sitting on the dung heap. There are some residual problems that I will have looked at when I go to New Mexico in March..
A few weeks ago, I was given a return ticket airfare to New Mexico so I could recharge my spiritual battery at Christ in the Desert Abbey. Though I follow a Franciscan way of life my heart stays close to the Benedictines. I will be going to New Mexico just before Holy Easter and make a three week retreat in the Abbey and then go back down to Santa Fe for three more weeks for one or two medical consults and also, and most important, begging for funds to allow me to purchase and send back medicines to the hermitage in Gambia. There are many medicines and supplies we need that are not available in Gambia at this time.
So now I will begin by begging you to be merciful to the sick poor villagers and send a donation to help us help them. Blessed are the Merciful!
Please send donations as follows:
1. Make check payable to Monastery of Christ in the Desert
2. Memo on check must read: Nazareth hermitage/Gambia sick poor
(My name must not be on the check)
3. Send to:
Monastery of Christ in the Desert
St. Paul's hermitage
PO Box 270
Abiquiu, New Mexico. 87510

In this year of Mercy, I beg for your help. If you are unable to help please ask others to help us.
Please do not post this notice on Facebook or any social networks!

My love and prayers

Brother dismas Mary of the Cross 

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