Monday, October 3, 2016



Each day now we are getting more and more malaria cases and we are ready for them because of your kindness in helping us to get the needed medicines. We do have one problem however, and that is the children. We do not stock any pediatric malaria medications because working with children is a lot more difficult.  Many children are so afraid when they are brought here. First, they are "scared" of me because many have not seen a white man before and with my whiskers I must really look like some sort of golem and then the Lord alone knows what the older children tell them. It is funny to see their reaction and we all laugh but it is difficult to assess a child who is screaming and fighting and secondly, the children are just afraid they will have to have a "pengo"(an injection) and usually if a child has malaria he or she will need an injection. Often times they become dehydrated before the mothers bring them in and they will need IV solutions for that. Because of that they will have to be monitored by health workers for a few days. All this means that we are not equipped to help the little ones so we have made an agreement with the private health center nearby. They will see and treat the little ones and Nazareth will pay them so much for their services per child. Our funds have really been depleted from when we bought all the malaria medicines and the other needed supplies. So now I am asking for your help again. If we can't send the children to the health center, then the parents will turn around and have to go back to their villages with no help and there is no one else that can help them. I know it is difficult but try and see what you would do if one of these babies were one of your own.

Please, I am begging you in the name of Jesus, if you can help, do it now!

If you put it off now you may forget!

To donate please do the following:

1. Please make checks payable to "Monastery of Christ in the Desert"

2. The memo on your check must read: “Nazareth Hermitage-Gambia sick poor”

3. Address envelope to:

                       Monastery of Christ in the Desert,

                                   St. Paul's Hermitage

                                   P.O. Box 270

                                   Abiquiu NM 87510

Not a penny will be used for any overhead expenses, it will go to right where it is needed

Bro. dismas Mary, a penitent hermit of Divine Mercy

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