Monday, November 25, 2013

A prayer of thanksgiving

for all the folks who are supporting this ministry of helping the sick poor in Salinding and other villages nearby (read a 2 hour donkey cart ride).
We had to close the medical room for the past 3 weeks due to the absence of funds. A few people have been more than generous and it looks like Nazareth will be open again by the end of next week. While we were making a shopping list I discovered that during the 2013 Malaria season we successfully treated 1400+ patients who had malaria. I didn't count in the patients who needed to receive their dose by injection. I don't think I'd be telling a fable if I say that we treated 1500 patients. These are just the patients with Malaria....we also treat a myriad of other illnesses or emergencies.
God bless you for your support and you can be sure that each patient knows that you are helping.
When the new Generator gets installed I will also be able to add more photographs.
The Peace of Jesus, Divine Mercy, to each of you.

bro. dismas Mary

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