Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From br. dismas Mary Christmas eve


On this Christmas eve my prayer is that
 God may fill you with the light of His love and the peace of his heart and the joy of His Spirit this wonderful Christmas season.

I am sorry that I am unable to write each individual but until next week the generator problem is still a burden to Nazareth. The good news is that one brother has donated enough money for me to purchase a good size generator. Almost every day this and next week are holidays so I won't be able to get the generator in time for Christmas but by New Years ever it will me here.....please God. Normally this donation would be used for medicine and medical supplies but the donor has specified that it is to be used for the generator.
I want to thank all for your wonderful help. Last week Pope Francis said that we should all put ourselves in places where we can help the sick poor and you are doing just that. Knowing who the gifts are from makes it so personal and when I am dressing a wound, pouring medicine for Malaria or helping a toothache patient I remember who has helped and pray for you. I ask the patients to pray for you also. A lot of times folks need a bit more than medicines so we are always dipping in the rice bag to share the rice with those who may need it...the same with bread and vegetables. What a perfect joy it is to hand it out. Often we are using the last of the rice so I always ask my helpers if I can give it away since it means no food for the afternoon meal. They are always more than willing to make the sacrifice. How great it is to see and experience Muslims and Christian working together in and for charity.
May God bless you for your help and support and I ask to to please keep it up. We can't do the work without you.
I pray you all have a joy filled Christmas and a prayerful New Year and then I ask you to pray for us and the work at Nazareth hermitage.

love and prayers,

br. dismas Mary

people have asked what we need for our ministry ......beside prayers we could sure use:

Blood pressure cuffs
bandage scissors
adhesive tape ( silk/paper)
roller gauze (self adhering)
pressure cooker

a busy list but we have worn out the things on this list by using them for nearly ten years.

God give you peace!

br. dismas Mary

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